January 13, 2013

Anthony Gallo Acoustics Strada 2 Speakers

Speakers, typically monitors, are not known for breaking the norm of their boxed or squared packaging.  There is definitely a good reason for this, and it isn’t because speaker companies are uncreative.  The average person who uses monitors does not want to spend a great deal of time figuring out ways to mount them.  Most of the time they are simply sat on a desk at head level, in a triangular formation to form the “sweet spot”.  A speaker with an odd shape will usually require more clever means of mounting, and it isn’t as easy to find the correct geometry for their positioning.

Anthony Gallo’s Strada 2 speakers throw that argument in the trash.  At first glance they look more like a back massager that you’d see for sale at Brookstone, but a more careful inspection will reveal that they are actually two domed speakers with a tweeter wrapped around the center portion.  As for as sound, they claim that they’ve been re-calibrated to deliver a holographic sound field, meaning that they do not need as much volume to run well (and thus less power).  The efficiency has been increase almost double, according to Gallo.  Regardless of their intended use, they certainly are a work of art.