January 13, 2013

Parasound Halo CD 1 Holm-Designed CD Player

It is kind of hard to believe that there are audiophiles out there who still find the need to use compact discs for their audio, but they are out there.  Your shiny Macbook, for all that it is worth, will still be limited to playing stored audio rather than using music that comes on media.  And if you’re buying a laptop in the first place then you’re already through with the idea having large media players – you’re probably listening to music stored on digital files anyways.  Of course, there are those who have amassed huge collection of high quality compact discs, who will never have the time to really sort through and digitize them on their laptops.  A high quality CD player is still something they might consider.

Let’s say you already have a speaker system worth tens of thousands of dollars, well then this CD player might be right up your alley.  Created by Parasound, the Halo CD 1 uses a playback technology like no other, and it is touted to be completely different from that of a standard CD ROM drive.  The Holm-designed CD player reads at about four times the speed of a traditional CD player creating a buffer to reduce errors in sound quality.