January 14, 2013

Sufjan Stevens Licenses Song to Red Bull

If you’re involved in the DJ community then you probably know all types of musicians.  There are the DJs who live off of gigging and maybe even have residency at a local night club.  You might even know some wedding DJs who get paid large sums of money to clap their hands and play songs from a track list.  I’m sure we all know some producers as well – but a producer’s role isn’t as defined as much as the DJ’s is.  At the bottom of the rung you have amateurs and hobbyists who are merely tinkering or jamming with their instruments.  There is no “qualifable” reason for what they do other than their pure enjoyment.  A step up from that you have producers who take their work a little more seriously – but again, the goal of their hard work is to create something for people’s enjoyment rather than money.

For those producers who are lucky enough for their hours in the bedroom studio to pay off, they live in a distinctly different world than other producers.  Getting paid to create songs for groups, singers, musicians, or live acts takes significantly more effort than DJing for your friend’s birthday party.  That’s why when you sell your music to an advertising company for large sums of money, you may be left with a bit of sellers remorse.