January 14, 2013

Panasonic Viera 2013

Thanks to neat apps like Dropbox, we can now take our work from our houses to our workplace and even on the subway or bus with little effort required.  Those little USB flash drives are great for bringing information around with you, but there isn’t much you can do when you want to plug a flash drive into your iPhone.  The idea behind using multiple devices stems from the need to work away from your regular workstation, wherever it may be.

The idea of accessing files from another computer has been around since the internet was first born, but it was never implemented as successfully as it is today.  Taking this idea even further, you can begin to see that a single computerized device can send its visual output to more than one device, and skip the need for another computer to recognize the change in hardware.

Panasonic’s new line of Viera 2013 LED/LCD HDTV might be the ticket for producers who are looking for more screen real estate to work with.  Like many electronic devices produced for 2013, the televisions have the ability to communicate with Android and iOS devices, meaning you can use its large screen instead of staring into a tiny smartphone.