January 14, 2013

MIDI Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

With the vast amount of software designed to be MIDI compatible as well as the pages upon pages of MIDI gear for sale at any online store, we are spoiled, given the fact that we have just so many options and so many choices to choose from.  Where were you when MIDI first became a real way to use instruments?  Oddly enough, the concept of MIDI control first arrived at the same time rap music and hip-hop culture was being explored.  Its birth was concurrent with the pioneer DJs who learned to scratch on devices that were never mean to scratch with.

Some similarities to note here: MIDI wasn’t flexible like it is today, and had to be painstakingly programmed to use with other piece of hardware; the same can be said about DJs who tried to scratch on belt-driven tables and weak crossfaders that didn’t have “cut” settings.

2013 marks the 30 year anniversary since the very first time the concept of MIDI was created.  In the last three decades we’ve seen it implemented in creative ways, turning non-musical objects into instruments, and turning simulated equipment into their working counterparts.  It’s been quite the journey and it will continue to grow.