January 15, 2013

MPC Studio: Eight First Impressions

The MPC is still considered one of only drum machines suited for live performance as well as production use, but Akai has a lot of competition to deal with these days now that the same type of performance can be had using a MIDI controlled pad versus a standalone device.  Still, when you eliminate the laptop of computer from the situation, a MIDI device is nothing but a pretty paperweight with knobs and buttons.  For those who are looking for the performance of the MPC while having the option to use a computer in tandem Akai has thought ahead and created the MPC Studio.  One thing right off the bat that makes the MPC Studio a worth buy, is its lower price.

OhDrat given their quick impressions on the MPC Studio, and most of their comparisons are drawn from earlier Akai gear, mainly, the original MPC-500.  A weary consumer would expect a MIDI enabled device to be built cheaper with cheaper components, so they are correct to delve into their review with these assumptions.  The screen on the unit has been built to be viewed from various angles, although the unit itself doesn’t feature any type of tilting mechanism.  But the good thing is, is that the unit can be up and running right away with little prep time.