January 16, 2013

DIY: Traktor/Serato DVS Soundcards Installed Inside Your Mixer

There is not a specific amount of gear that one DJ needs to DJ an event.  In theory, a DJ needs little more than two turntables, a mixer, and crate of records.  Alternatively, an extremely minimal setup could also be used to mix music, that being nothing more than a laptop and a pair of speakers.  Of course, this doesn’t look at “cool” as DJing with actual decks or virtual decks.  Maybe there is something about spinning discs that mesmerizes people into dancing on the floor.  Some of us look for the perfect setup, often buying new gear and selling gear new gear that doesn’t fit into our workflow.  Others are habitual gear collectors, or “geardos”.  These are the guys you see at home with gear stuck in every corner of their house.

Both the minimalists and geardos can agree on one thing, a messy setup is a messy setup.  This means that regardless of how much gear you have, a setup can look clean, or it can look like a bomb exploded in your living room.  One approach is to consolidate gear, and buying a mixer with an internal soundcard saves you the hassle of having to run an extra pair (or two of cables).

If you can’t afford to shell out for the new Traktor Z2, there is always the option of installing your soundcard inside of your mixer.