January 16, 2013

The DJ Jesus Pose: A Joke, Or A Secret Weapon?

If you were lucky enough to perform on stage (even if you didn’t want to), you have gained some valuable experience that others many never get the chance to have.  Stage fright is something that everybody must deal with at some point in their life.  It’s one of those things, like driving a car – which cannot be taught but must be experienced.  It is also somewhat like a skill, meaning it takes practice to get better at it.  For those who have ever had to give a presentation at school or work, they know how it feels when the room is looking at you.

DJs have also experienced this feeling at one time or another.  No amount of lighting or DJ façade will ever hide you from your crowd, who is expecting you to deliver a good time.  Even the most experienced DJs will feel the stress of a hundred eyes watching them – the key is that they know how to combat the stress.  The “Jesus pose”, believe it or not, actually has a psychological effects on the DJ as well as the crowd.  When the DJ emits a gesture of confidence, the crowd will respond to it.  This virtuous cycle is something that must be learned and is a tool for these types of situations.