January 16, 2013

iDJ 2 Go Plus – Lightning fast

For all of the new things Apple has brought us, there always seems to be a catch or something else we have to deal with as a consequence.  One of the most obvious annoyances with their gear is the fast rate at which they create new products.  By the time the 4th rendition of the iPhone is out on shelves, designers and business teams are already working on the next version.  As soon as the price drops on an Apple product, a new one is right around the corner, ready to throw a wrench in the second hand market machine.  This isn’t such a huge problem, give them amount of equipment out there – it isn’t hard to find something you need.

It’s just that your Macbook might not be new for very long considering whatever’s coming out next.

A bigger annoyance with their gear is their proprietary gear that must be used.  It doesn’t stop companies from manufacturing their own copies, but it makes it harder.  The new lightning jack that replaced the 30-pin connector has left many copycats scratching their heads.  Even worse, it makes it harder for DJ accessories to be created.  Luckily, Numark’s iDJ 2 Go is the first controller to sport the use of this new adapter.