January 16, 2013

Bryston Debutes BDP-2 Digital Music Player

The need for a high quality home theater system isn’t lost, even with the robustness of modern soundcards and flexible DJ mixers.  A computer makes a decent hub to route audio in and out, but it suffers from the need to process audio through the computer, rather than directly.  Primitive USB to timecode vinyl soundcards had to trick the computer into letting audio be processed without being muddle by other constructs inside the computer.

A DJ mixer is another decent tool to route devices in and out from each other, but digital processing is quite limited on these devices, which are also subject to more interference than the average home theater system.

A digital music player is now an option these days, and it can replace the need to run a computer’s hard drive through your mixer or other receiver.  The Bryston BDP digital music player stands alone as a unit that can read digital music files, without the need to run a computer with an operating system.  Naturally, it includes the latest digital audio technologies that allow high quality audio to be read and transmitted with little interference.  Of course, if you choose to go this route, it will cost you significantly more than a digital mixer.