January 16, 2013

Watch the Full Trailer for the Beyoncé Documentary

Not every biography you see on television turns out the way the subject wishes it had.  Often, a biographer will cover the bad, as well as the good parts of that person’s life.  It could be that the subject had a troubled past life, or was involved in some seedy element of society that they tried to forget.  Once it actually airs on television, the entire world will know some secrets that were once hidden.  The blame really comes down to the directors and editors who get to decide the celebrity’s fate with some clever video editing.

For singer Beyonce, she is doing what she can to see that this doesn’t happen to her.  In fact, she’s taken more of an autobiographical approach to her biography; using her Macbook to take personal video blogs and such.

Like most of her work on stage and behind the scenes, she’s been proactive in every step of the process, making sure that she knows exactly what she’s in for.  A trailer for her biography is now available, which reveals a few special moments in her life like the announcement of her pregnancy.  Beyonce, who is no stranger to the spotlight, understands what she is in for.