January 17, 2013

Review & Video: Electrix Tweaker DJ Midi Controller

The Electrix Tweaker is no longer a new item for DJs and producers to play with; however, it has managed to find itself in the hands of many different reviewers – maybe because their curiosity has gotten the best of them.  By all means, it looks like no other controller out there on the market.  Akai and Native Instrument control the larger share of the market, but it leaves room for one-off devices like these to be made, and we’ve seen DJs on stage with these so we know it has some fans out there.  One thing that should be mentioned about the unit is its build quality.  While other MIDI controllers are fairly lightweight, this one is a beast; built from metal packaging.

The lighting of the unit may not appeal to everyone, but is has certainly been executed in a strategic way.  The red led’s on the main pads are used to signal the different layers or pages that you are controlling – and the rotaries also give visual feedback as to where you are on the dial.  Like many controllers, it comes packaged with a basic version of Traktor so you can get it mapped and started right away.  Also, power is supplied via the USB cable so no external source is needed.