January 17, 2013

Best Way To Practise CDJ-Style DJing At Home?

The subject of the ability to beat match has been beaten down like the dead horse that it is.  We can sit here and argue about the virtues and merits of a “good” DJ, but the truth is that the equipment and how the DJ uses it does not define who the DJ is.  Of course, there are still a good number of DJs who realize how powerful of a skill beamatching actually is.  When you’re stripped from your computer and all of its components, you lose the ability to auto quantize and grid your music; and you’re left with only your ears and your hands.

For those who still mix on turntables and vinyl records, they understand that beat matching is as much a mental skill as it is a mechanical skill – and this is why many DJs prefer the feel of a platter based deck over a button based controller.  Pioneer’s CDJ series all have the ability to nudge and hold the “record”, making it a great candidate for live mixing, even with digital files.  Learning to use a CD deck like the CDJ-900 will also prepare you to use turntables and other spinning controller down the road.  It’s a good skill to have.