January 19, 2013

LG EA9800 Curved-screen OLED

Something we fail to appreciate about our Macbooks and tablets is the display, and just how capable it is for its size.  If we rewind just ten years or so back, many of us were still stuck with old CRT tubes and humongous monitors that weighed nearly thirty pounds.  These monitors were the biggest annoyance of any computer system and were prone to all sorts of problems once they aged.  LCD monitors were a huge improvement and shrunk the size of the glass tube down to something more manageable – but this still wasn’t enough.  LCD suffered from refresh rate problems and blurriness that kept our screens from delivering perfect picture.

Modern laptops and tablets now use LED technology which takes care of all three categories.  They’re ultra-light, they deliver a crisp display, and they also need very little power to get them going.  Without these small displays on laptops, using a DVS at a gig would be an obtrusive event – looking more like the desk at work than a DJ’s rig.  OLED technology is expected to replace LED technology pretty soon, and innovations like curved glass will make it possible to deliver visual performances to a larger audience of spectators.