January 19, 2013

LG Electronics 2013

As computer monitors grow larger and televisions grow smarter, I see the line between the two of them quickly diminishing.  Right now, you can readily use a television monitor as computer screen, and you can just as easily plug your cable tv’s input into your computer.  Coupled with touch screen technology, it won’t be long before there will be a different between any of these devices other than the size and costs of them.  Producers will most likely benefit the most from having more available viewing space on a monitor.  Currently, if you want to run Ableton with multiple plug-ins you have to switch back and forth from different views in order to get an idea of how your software is routed.

However, having multiple monitors alleviates some of this issue by giving you extra space.  Now, imagine that you have a giant 56” widescreen television as your monitor.  This could be a real possibility.  New OLED and Ultra-HD are making resolutions once only available on a computer, available to the average television.  This coupled with smart touch technology that integrates both the computer and the monitor might eliminate the need to run a computer tower altogether.  The best part is that this is only a few years down the line.