January 19, 2013

Four Tet Spins With Accompanying Trippy Visuals

To put on a good show as a DJ, you don’t need much other than some talent and some good music.  But wait, you also need someone to play to – because if you’re just spinning for yourself then you might as well have not been DJing at all, right?  The problem is that watching an DJ select tracks from his laptop using Serato and staring into a computer screen all day isn’t that fascinating to watch.  It’s great to listen to but your eyes will be left wanting something more.  Add-ons like Video SL for Serato aren’t as popular as the DVS themselves but they do have utility when putting on a show.

Adding background visuals can be very simple or very complicated depending on what route your take, but either way it adds another dimension to you sets.  You could go the standard route and add some serious lighting to your gigs with lasers, effects, and smoke – or you could simply mix videos with a program like “milk drop” running on the background through a projector.  Then you could do what Four Tet has done and mix with trippy low-fi imagery running in the background.  It’s not the greatest but it adds an element that mixing alone is missing.