January 19, 2013

Joyo British Sound

Amplifiers for guitars are similar to older analog synthesizers because they are highly sought after and difficult to emulate.  These old piece of equipment are difficult to maintain and require more love in order to last, but they types of retro sound they produce is something that just isn’t created any more.  An amp that cost two hundred dollars in the 1970’s may be worth well over five thousand dollars today – so it create a huge market for effect pedals and other devices that can emulate that type of sound.

DJs are so used to digital effect units like the KP3 that we may never experience the sound of a true analog effect pedal or loop pedal.  The Joyo British Sound is one of those pedals that is meant to emulate the sound of an old Marshall Amp.  It’s much cheaper to take this approach then sourcing the original gear.  Currently, products like the Zoom G5 simulator pedal can do more than add effects; it can simulate the sound of other amps and guitars digitally, with a USB input for recording directly to a DAW.  It’s a small price to pay for a new digital unit that can produce nearly the same type of output of an analog one.