January 19, 2013

Spreaker DJ For iPad Review

There are many different avenues for the DJ, as DJing itself is a multifaceted hobby and career.  If you listen to hip-hop radio you are bound to hear DJs actually mixing music, as if they were in the club.  Many of us got our start by hearing these guys mix music together on live air.  Unfortunately, there are only a few stations that actually mix the songs that they want, and they are force to usually spin from a given set of music.  There are also DJs who simply select songs rather than mix them – and these are becoming more common as they integrate their personality into their shows.

Mixing a radio show is harder than it seems as you have to deal with broadcast regulations as well as deal with equipment that you aren’t used to.  A&H makes the ZED XB-14 unit which is basically an all-in-one solution for broadcasting over the airwaves.  Speakers is a newer solution for those who want to broadcast using their iPad, and it doesn’t require much else except knowledge of your local laws.  As it stands, it isn’t a free service but they are offering a limited amount of airtime for trial users.