January 20, 2013

Audio Electronics at CES

Having the right pair of headphones is only half the battle when it comes to achieving good sound.  Much like a typical audio system that you’d have around the room, the speaker itself is only one component of the system – you also need a quality audio source as well as some sort of amplifier to boost the signal.  Most of the headphones that DJs and consumers will buy already have a built in amp to drive the speakers, so we tend to take this for granted.  There is also the fact that less expensive headphones will only distort the signal well above our listening needs, so we will never feel like they aren’t powerful enough.

The only problem that exists with a good pair of headphones is when the signal is split between two or more pairs.  The signal is naturally weaker without some sort of external boosting of the source.  This is where headphone amplifiers come into play.  Like most amps, there are lower end options that will only cost you’re a few hundred dollars, but there are also professional grade solutions that can be in the thousands of dollars.  Audio Electronics Nighthawk headphone amplifier uses solid state components and will run you just over one grand.