January 21, 2013

MANTRA: It’s all about the music. Again.

In the same way that we feel compelled to buy new gadgetry for our everyday lives, DJs and producers seem to have this need to buy the newest and latest gear.  More often than not, they will drop a few thousand dollars on a piece of new gear like a new mixer with a built in sound card, only to find it sitting on the shelf collecting dust.  In their minds they thought that having a new piece of technology would somehow compel them to get off their ass and begin making music, but it didn’t.

Meanwhile, some young kid without a penny to his name is putting together music with some second hand turntables and warped vinyl records.

It seems that one of the two guys mentioned above as fixated too much on the thought of what he could do, rather than actually doing it.  This happens to many musicians once they realize just how much work it takes to be creative.  The DJ is not entirely to blame – because our lives are busy and it takes time to be creative.  It’s a gentle reminder that being a DJ is mainly about the music and not the wizardry that goes behind the gear.