January 21, 2013

DJ Tech DIF-1S Scratch Mixer promo

While DJ gear continues to get more and more expensive as technology progresses with it, we have to ask ourselves if the money that we spend is really worth what we are getting.  Backtrack twenty years ago; DJs seem to have been able to create more with much less technology.  In fact, there weren’t even drop in aftermarket faders like the Traktor Z2 uses – most scratch DJs had to deal with cheap carbon faders that collected dust and broke down often.  Now that we have the ability to basically stick a decent cross fader into any type of mixer that we want, why should we have to pay the thousands of dollars for everything else?

DJ Tech might revolutionize the industry by producing what looks to be the cheapest most affordable scratch mixer on the market.  The price of under $200 is very questionable, and it is hard to see how it could possibly even be built at such a low cost – but when you factor in the production that doesn’t come from a well known name, it’s easier to see why it can be done for such a low cost.  Scratch DJs and those who are just learning how to scratch will want one of these.