January 21, 2013

DJ TechTools Midi Fighter Spectra

DJTechtools began as a humble resource for new DJ information and tips for those who are mainly interesting in producing on Ableton, or remixing live tracks on Traktor.  They have been graced with a team of bright engineers and musicians who have been able to produce products for those who are looking for alternative to big name products.  Since their transition from a news resource to a full blown store, their commercial side of things has sort of blasted off – which many love and many hate.  Regardless of what the general opinion is, it is clear that they are taking their production side of things seriously –with many renditions of their famous MIDI fighter controller.

DJTT is expected to have its own booth and NAMM, showing off the small innovations they have made to their MIDI fighter.  It now comes with even more customizable color configurations, but remains true to the traditional 4×4 button layout.  The real beauty is not in the design, but all of the support that comes with it.  Once you purchase a controller – you gain access to all of the user submitted Traktor mappings for sound banks and effects.  This, in itself, will be the bigger gain than actually owning the MIDI controller.