January 22, 2013

Echo Chamber: Diplo on Gun Control

Frankly, what a musician or an actor says about their political beliefs really holds no weight except for the adoring fans that will hang on every word that they say.  This is 2013, where anyone in any type of professional arena can make a political statement about anything.  We’ve heard it all.  One of the more common arguments that makes its way out of a musician’s mouth are statements about drug use, specifically, marijuana.  The ability to produce music and art can come from a very dark place; rock stars and singers have had their stints with drugs and alcohol – and some of them aren’t around to talk about it anymore.

With the recent shootings that left numerous children dead, artists have used their platform to step on yet another platform, the soapbox.  I’m sure there are musicians on both sides of the argument, but it would be fair to say that the majority of the musicians, who are speaking out, are speaking out in support of stricter gun control.  Diplo has a lot on his plate in his own professional career, but still has time to make a few choice words about the United State’s current policy on owning a lethal weapon.