January 22, 2013

Audiofile Engineering Triumph

A good graphic artist should be able to create stunning pieces of work no matter what type of media they are using, and this includes computer programs.  If you give an experienced computer artist a task to do and only tell him that he can use Microsoft Paint to do it, I’d be that he could still produce something worthy of being called “art”.  Of course there are some obvious differences in how an artist could use something like Adobe Photoshop, rather than using some standard drawing tool.  One unique feature about a good editing program is its ability to work with layers – layers that can be accessed at any time.  This facet is not found in simple drawing programs.

The same case can be said for basic audio editors like Audacity, that can only cut and paste bits of music, but have a hard time actually creating layers that are editable at any time.  Audiofile Engineer has created “Triumph”, and program that can actually edit wave based layers of audio like Photoshop.  It isn’t a DAW or a tool that creates digital music; rather, it has to ability to manipulate the files that you already have; squeezing much more out of your recordings.