January 22, 2013

Will My Radio Mix Show Help Me Get A Club Gig?

Does any DJ aspire to become a radio DJ anymore?  If you’ve followed your local hip-hop radio you might have realized just how much the song selection has changed over the years.  DJs are no longer the DJs they once were; transmitting their own ideas to across airwaves throughout the city.  Now, they’re more like programmed jukeboxes who are forced to play what the radio tells them too.  The DJ hasn’t sold his soul, but they know that they have to pay their dues if they ever want to make it in the future.

With that said – here’s a secret that many do not know: Radio DJs do not get paid to spin, even if it requires great talent.  Most of them do it for the experience and chance to stick their foot in the door.  If you are given the chance, it is still a good opportunity and it can help you land some actual high paying gigs are your local night clubs.  Simply telling a promoter that you have experience playing out on the radio, shows that you understand what it is like to work in a professional setting.  It’s like a big “name drop” that can be used to push your resume through.