January 22, 2013

Yamaha Pro 500 Headphones Video Review

Monster’s Beats By Dre. Headphones are something to be admired.  Forget about the fancy marking, sleek looks, or the relationship to one of hip-hops well known producers, and admire the design itself.  There are many different types of designs for headphone makers to look at; some of them are very minimal and lightweight like the Sennheiser HD-25 II’s – but some are plusher with comfortable adornments and heavy magnets.  The Beats By Dre. design sort of reminds us of a of a good looking car that is hard to not admire on looks alone.  They aren’t lightweight by any means, but their design seems to be very minimal, yet sturdy at the same time.

Yamaha, who is no stranger to making quality parts, has submitted their new designed for a pair of cans, and guess what – they look much like the Beats By Dre.  They share the same faux 1-piece headband that seems to isolate themselves from the speakers themselves, and naturally, they fold up into smaller package for people on the go.  Believe me, people who buy earphones that look like this want to show them off to random people on the street.  The only part that bugs me is the color scheme – it looks like they are painted the same bluish purple that the Yamaha R1’s get.