January 22, 2013

Kim Dotcom Launches New Filesharing Site Mega With Insane Mock Police Invasion

If you ever watched the television show on called American Greed, you’ll notice that the world is full of overweight and self inflated criminals out there trying to make a buck.  This is what the media wants you to believe about Kim Dotcom, the creator of the once known megaupload website.  The media is right about him in some respects, but many would argue that he’s far from a criminal.  He simply offered a service where users could upload and download their files from a cloud server – but he did so knowing the potential for illegal download activities that would follow.

The United States made an example of him by shutting him down and charging him with various crimes against the state.  Kim, with the fortune he has made with this company, has been able to stave off his legal trouble for now and returned with a big middle finger to the authorities who shut him down in the first place.  His return to the upload industry exploded with a mock police invasion that imitates the one that shut him down in the first place.  Does this mean that DVS users will be able to source out more music for free?