January 22, 2013

Gemini G4V Controller For Virtual DJ Announced

Is Pioneer the one to set the standard for which every gear manufacture must rise to?  It seems like this is what it is coming down to.  For a while, I seriously thought Rane was the one in charge of creating industry standards, but Native Instruments really threw a wrench in their plans – and neither of them really has a firm grip on the digital deck market.  To put it simply, Rane had their time dominating the DVS niche with Serato Scratch Live and their club standard scratch mixer, the TTM-57.  As Traktor grew to be its own beast for electronic music makers and DJs, their line of matching hardware also grew – taking a fair chunk of Rane’s profits from the market.

Pioneer, however, has always had the club standard DJM mixers and CDJ decks – but they’ve also exploded into the digital deck niche with some compelling units.  Naturally, the cost is high but so is the smug sense of satisfaction the owner gets from owning an expensive piece of gear.  Gemini has made the smart move to set their priorities towards creating alternatives for expensive Pioneer gear.  Their G4V controller looks as if someone took the DDJ-SX and turned it upside down, literally.