January 22, 2013

Pioneer Outs Platinum Edition Gear

Stop reading this for a second and go walk over to your DJ rig.  Look down.  If the only label you see on all of your gear is the word “Pioneer”, then pat yourself on the back – you’ve won.  I don’t mean to offend anybody by that statement, but in a way I sort of do.  If you can afford to have all of the latest Pioneer gear then you obviously aren’t a poor DJ who is spinning at clubs for scraps.  Pioneer has traditionally been top of the line, which equates to expensive and enviable.  Pioneer knows how to create jealousy between geardos, and they don’t even have to create something new to do it.

All they need to do is release it in a different color.

This is the same story with the older second generation Mazda Miata’s.  They were subsequently released after the initial year in custom colors with cool badges stuck to the titled “limited edition”.  It was a perfect marketing ploy and it sold thousands of cars that would have never made it off the lot.  Pioneer has done the same by releasing some of their gear encased in platinum.  Instead of spending money on wheels that spin you can spend it some “wheels” that spin.