DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
March 11, 2011

Numark NS6 WMC MobileStudio Exclusive

We have been waiting in anticipation to get our hands on a Numark NS6 and we finally got our chance at Winter Music Conference 2011. Mike Hoska from Numark met us at the Unique Squared Mobile Studio and unveiled the hotness personally.

The NS6 uses Serato Itch and allows for 4 deck simultaneous control of your mix. Couple that with an array of blazing hot effects, advanced looping functionality, and a highly responsive and accurate control surface and you have a definite game changer in the DJ Controller market. We will do an in depth demo and review when we receive our very own.  Until then, put on your seat belt and check out the video.

NS6 Closeup

NS6 Closeup (click to see full size)


Scott: What is going on?, Scott Magno, DJ Madflip. We are at Winter Music Conference 2011 and we’ve got a surprise for you folks, yes, the Numark NS6 we got one here in full fledge motion and you know what? Mike is about to break it down for you. Mike tell me about the NS6. Tell me why this thing is so fly and everyone is going to be loving it.
Mike: I’ve been with Numark through the development of the NS7 the V7′s and I’m here to talk to you about the NS6. So I’ll get into some of the new features that are on the NS6. So it’s basically a MIDI controller obviously everything is MIDI, but we have a four channel stand alone mixer here.
So you can plug in turntables CD players, and you’ve also got within itch, a four deck skin and you’ve got 2 layer buttons on each deck of the controller so you can toggle between decks one and three and decks two and four on the controller.
A lot of the other functions are going to be the same, so you’re going to have all the same browser controls and you’re not going to lose anything as far as all the fun looping and auto looping and cues.
We’ve got some extra things like loop rolls and the effects parameters are built right into the unit too, so you can get into some real glitchy stuff and I’ll show you a demo with some house.
Scott: Alright let’s do it.
Mike: So all I was doing was just triggering some loop rolls. Just holding down the shift button and triggering some different measures and you know, doing a break or an effect, quick highpass filter and you can get into a really dynamic set with just playing around with one track.
I’ll show you some cool things with four tracks right now, so we’ll keep this one going.
Cool, so blindly just grabbing tracks from my crate just throwin’ em’ in, syncing them up and just layering four tracks, making some loops, making the loops shorter, longer, sliding them to the left and right, doing some EFX play as well.
One cool thing that is on the NS6 is we put in this LED here on the strip search, so you can reference where you are on the track on the front panel.
You’ve got all the controls that you would need on a mixer like your cross fader, contour adjustment, and you’ve also got your fader assign too because it’s a four channel mixer so you can assign any channel to the crossfader.
You’ve also go your headphone gain and cue mix as well. Like I said the EFX are built right into it and you can assign your EFX to any channel so you can put 2 EFX on one channel you can put 2 EFX on the master as well.
There’s also this cool skip button that allows you to move forward and backward through the track without losing the timeline of the track, so I’ll just go ahead and play it and let you hear what it sounds like.
So we’ve got the track going, I’m going to go ahead and toggle through the track that’s playing and hold down skip, and I’m actually moving through the track right now and I want to get to the breakdown quicker and there I am, I’m at the breakdown now.
So now I’ll get to the big break down, let the beat back in, move forward a little and get to the big breakdown and we stayed within the timeline of the track, so if we had a mix going we wouldn’t of lost that, we could just get through the track or backup in the track as well.
Scott: Very cool now that increment that you’re skipping around is that assigned within the loop? Like is that a measure?
Mike: It’s 8 measures basically.
Scott: Ok, very cool, very cool. Stand alone mixer, that’s one of the things that makes this really unique out there. You also have a dedicated booth out as well.
Mike: Yup, you’ve got booth and a master on top and you’ve got some view options as well so you can change the skin a little bit on itch as well.
Scott: That’s great, so you can sort of customize the look if you don’t need to have a lot of information on there or if you need some more room to scroll through your tracks, you can be really dynamic as far as changing the skin.
You know I heard the Jog wheels are really nice and you can also adjust the crossfader directly on the NS6. Crossfader curve with that, man it’s really fantastic.
Mike: I’ll let you hear just a couple quick cuts, I’ll throw up a track and load up a scratch.
So, just a couple quick intricate cuts, you’ve got a really sharp contour on the crossfader and there’s no latency either on the platter. There’s this nice rim around the platter the surface of the platter here thats got an LED under it so you can kind of reference almost like a marker on a piece of vinyl.
Scott: There it is NS6 we’ve got it now, you know, it’s going to be incredible, it’s just amazing we’re so excited to have it thanks so much to Numark and Mike Hoska for bringing it out to us. Man, Mike, thank you so much brotha’
Mike: Thanks so much for having me on.
Scott: Take us out with something super fresh. This is Scott Magno, DJ Madflip. Be you, be unique at


  1. jared says:

    this thing looks amazing! just may have to pick one up.

  2. Kyle says:

    so you put your hands on those silver disks to navigate the spaceship?

  3. Kenny says:

    With the help of the NS6 i’ll be bangin’ more girls than Armin!

  4. Samuel Kim says:

    the numark ns6 is droolworthy indeed. if i win that contest, i will use the headphones to block out any talk about charlie sheen … and it’ll help me make amazing music on the side. cheers.

  5. Luke Reed says:

    I like this pad quite a bit, i got to mess around with it at Guitar Center here in Houston and i spent atleast 2 hrs sitting in front of this thing!! (good thing i was still on the clock)!! the only real con that i got from this setup is the small jog wheels, it maybe bigger then some but with my hands it didnt quite fit like my Technics 1200! overall i would suggest for someone starting out but if ur doin shows i wouldnt rely on this equipment

  6. Jared M says:

    This thing looks pretty amazing. My vote is on the NS6!

  7. Rob, That DJ Guy. says:

    Awesome controller there are so many on the market right now but this one stands out from the rest. You guys do the best reviews! Keep up the great work!

  8. Kevin Walsh says:

    Kicking it old school, with Unique flair.

  9. Agreer McGryerson says:

    I agree.

  10. Chris Green says:

    Definitely pick the ns6 over the pioneer. Feature by feature it rivals the pioneer and the denon 6000, bit Numark is such an underdog compared to the others that you have to give them props for coming through with a great looking product.

  11. Taylor Waddell says:

    Chuck Norris bought one because it’s the only thing that was better than his beatboxing. Seriously though, this is crazy, I need to start saving up all my cash and get another job so I can afford one.

  12. Thorvald Bugge Helle says:

    NS6 owns the ddj because it is easy to use, has lots of controls and looks great.

  13. York says:

    With this, I’ll be making more people jump and shout than Muammar Gaddafi.

  14. Magdalena says:

    This controller is just awesome: the quality is magnificent, it’s easy to use and it looks great, you don’t need anything more! :)

  15. Jason J. says:

    Jason Johnson
    The deck versatility is siiick on the NS6, its more freeing. With the Pio, Can you play with Traktor pro which is better in my opinion, instead of the Traktor DDJ t1 Traktor software? The pitch slider and volume fader controls are the same… size and same components that are on club-standard DJMs and CDJs, but the 2 biggest problems with the T1 is the wide size of it, how many of you have been in a booth that feels like a Porta-Potty? Thought so. They should have had 2 in’s for use of the 2 extra channels with CDJ decks, especially when software crashes. If I could have anything I’d get the Traktor control s4, 4 channels, sample banks and is soon to add Traktor 2 FFFFRRREEEEE upgrade. Also you can plug in your CDJ or Technics and use as a mixer and guess what???? In April you will have full DVS controll over your CDJ or Technics all through the S4.All for less than the NS6 or the T1. (Sorry for rambling lol, this stuff drives me crazy) Okay…The NS6′s ability to mix without a laptop? Yeah I’m feelin that. Couldnt find out if T1 has that option. Being able to just pop on a hard drive is too sweet. Size, ability, function, common sense? I may be bias but Numark hands down. I just want to put it in a stroller and push it around. While I’m doing that can someone hide my wallet for me?See More

  16. Kenjamin Ho says:

    I’d prefer this over the Pioneer DDJ-T1 for sure! Yeah, Pioneer is the “industry standard” and whatnot, but I feel like they took advantage of that fact with this controller and didn’t put as much thought into the R&D of this one compared to their CDJ and DJM products. Many of the controls don’t seem very intuitive to me, and I think the whole laptop slot thing is kind of a gimmick. I’m sure their platters and play/cue buttons feel awesome though, as all Pioneer ones do. I’m not a Traktor user myself, but it seems like for that kind of money, the S4 is the way to go. More Traktor DJ’s will use the S4 because it’s designed around the Traktor mindset: sampling, looping, effects, controllerism, etc. The Pioneer doesn’t seem as suited towards that.

    I may be biased because I already use a Numark controller, but I just think the features/layout of the NS6 is much more logical. It has more features, the main one being the fact that it can be a standalone mixer. That is HUGE for me, because I generally gig with another DJ or two, and that way they can plug their controllers into mine for seamless mixing between DJ’s. Numark’s quality is not far off from Pioneer’s if not on par. Pricing vs the DDJ is also a factor, of course.

    Overall, the NS6 just has more features that I would take advantage of for my style of mixing. I will continue to prefer Pioneers when it comes to cd players/mixers, but when it’s for a computer all in one controller, so far Numark has been killing it!

  17. Greg Herbert says:

    In my opinion the NS6 is better, and overall constructed nicer which is surprising as pioneer has made very nice mixers in the past. I have had several numark mixers in the past, but this combo is very appealing to me although I do not use serato as I am a traktor scratch pro junky. The various controlled outputs is very nice, and essential if you are a live dj or a bedroom dj because you can output to another laptop or pc for recording or amp for more sound control. The layout is nice, and the look is very stylish yet not too large like the pioneer. If you are downsizing like I may plan to do to get lighter setup when traveling the NS6 is the way to go the pioneer ddj-t1 just looks to big and gody to me. Functionality is key today, and the NS6 features go along way to make a dynamic set. Just my two cents, but if I am going to spend my money I am convinced the numark is the way to go as far as functionality, style, and overal options. Peace DJ Gearhead…

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  19. Dj4Dfools says:

    This looks amazing. NS6 is good but it crash all the time, I’m in the middle of my set with pack floor and it just crashed. Dammit, I spend 1000$ for a shitty controller???????????

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  21. shelly says:

    how do I enter contest

    1. Like us on Facebook and subscribe to our youtube channel. We have contests about every week and big giveaways every 3 months or so.