January 24, 2013

NAMM 2013: Pioneer XDJ-Aero Launched In White

Pioneer knows how to make a quick buck or two – but they also know how to make gear that leaves and impact on the DJ community.  Their line of controllers has disseminated from their line of CDJ’s which have something for everyone at virtually any price level.  They have been wise enough to give each lower tiered object a taste of what it might be like to own the next level up, and they have also been pretty smart about their styling too.  It’s safe to say that they definitely have controllers that are prettier than others – and with their new color options it makes them easier to love.

White is a modern, but classic color that looks clean on any type of gear.  Their XDJ-Aero has been repainted in a Macbook white – hopefully to give the unit a bit more edge, how that the DDJ-SSX is flying off the shelves.  The XDJ serves its own purpose: to be a portable in-between unit that can be taken to gigs.  This leaves you with the ability to keep the precious CDJ-2000’s at home, free from drunken clubbers who like to spill beer on things.  It would certainly look clean with an all white setup.