January 25, 2013

NAMM 2013: Gemini G4V Controller Video Walkthrough

Have DJ gear companies gotten us fooled into thinking that new equipment has to be costly at the same time?  The prices of controller continue to climb skyward in direct proportion to the amount of goodies that can be added to each unit.  It’s fair to say that any decent controller that is meant to run as a single unit will cost you upwards of a thousand dollars – and that’s not even that bad.  If you were to buy two turntables and a decent mixer, the price alone would set you well over a thousand just to begin with – and that’s not even counting any type of DVS gear you may also need.

Gemini has surprised consumers, and maybe even a manufacturer or two, by introducing units that can compete with the top Vestax and Pioneer models.  They even look the same – it’s scary.  Gemini’s G4V looks strikingly similar to Pioneer’s DDJ-SX, even down to the EQ layout and the 8 pad button layout.  One difference we can all expect to see if the price.  There is no doubt in my mind that the Gemini unit will cost much less, while still delivering on par performance.  As far as the build quality goes, you never really know how sturdy a plastic unit can be in the first place, so it might be a fair game here too.