January 25, 2013

NAMM 2013: New Budget Controllers From American Audio

Budget controllers a quickly becoming a hot item as DJs look to find ways to make their setup more portable.  There are multiple tiers of cost that one can spend if they’re looking for a MIDI controller, and this is because there are just so many damn controllers out there.  Realistically, if you think about how a controller is made – it’s no wonder that they aren’t too expensive to build.  Unlike a turntable, which takes a fair amount of research and construction to build, a controller is made of only a printed circuit board, a plastic casing, and some rubberized buttons.  All of this can be assembled within minutes without expensive or complicated machining tools.

American Audio is not a name you’d typically associate with controllers, but since they already have production lines producing other DJ related gear, how big of a deal is it to switch over the controllers?  They have announced the production of the VMS DJ, which takes the form of many other controllers that already exist.  Its small size (even smaller than the VCI-100) indicates that it is suitable for use with tablets or iPhones, as opposed to a standard laptop layout.  The best feature about the unit is that it is priced around $100.