January 27, 2013

NAMM 2013: Vestax VCI-400DJ For Serato DJ Software

Vestax has a lot of experience making gear for DJs, and most of it started back when scratch DJs and turntablists needed a better mixer to scratch with.  Most of the mixers that were produced twenty years ago or so, were not geared towards the type of abuse usually associated with turntablism.  In fact, many DJs were using mixers that made their routines even more difficult to pull off.  Line faders were the focal point of a mixer, rather than the cross fader – and the idea of a fader that would cut instead of fader was almost nonexistent.

Since those days, Vestax began to pioneer 2 channel battle mixers that were smaller and more durable.  Their line of PCV crossfaders set the standard for other manufactures to look up to.  Vestax even expanded their production to turntables, creating ultra-pitched high torque tables that were mean purely for scratching and non-skip performances.  Now, they have their hand in the controller arena with the VCI series that ranged from beginner to expert.  Their latest change to the VCI line was the addition of Serato DJ being packaged with the VCI-400DJ, instead of Serato Itch.  It makes sense to keep their firmware updated with their hardware.