January 27, 2013

NAMM 2013: Numark iDJ Live II Video Talkthrough

Controller gear is getting to the point where the market is completely saturated with new gear all the time.  This means that we can expect to see many decent units that are affordable, but it also opens the door for super cheap units that can handle only the basics.  From a controllerists’ standpoint, there really isn’t much you need out of the hardware itself so long as you have your routines coordinated on your laptop or iPad.  Each controller has its own feel; some better than other – but a DJ can easily adjust from one controller to another, especially if it is used primarily for mixing.

NAMM 2013 revealed that gear manufacturers were focusing on creating smaller cheaper derivatives, as well as unveiling completely new products.  It’s not surprising that multiple manufactures are introducing similar priced products that cater to the same basic audience.  Numark’s iDJ Live II is scaled version of their first model, and there isn’t much to say about the unit other than it is very low budget.  Unlike the Pro version, this doesn’t integrate with your iPad by placing the iPad inside of it.  Instead, it is small enough to be carried alongside it, and cheap enough that you won’t feel too bad if it breaks.