January 28, 2013

Turn Pioneer CDJs Into Video Players

Pioneer’s CDJ-1000’s aren’t going out of style any time soon.  Even at this stage of the game, they are still a worth investment, and an investment they are.  Even on the second hand market you can still expect to pay a hefty sum of cash for these units – but they will work and they will work well.  Compact Discs are considered an old format, even more useless than records with you account for the fact that turntablists still prefer vinyl.  However, with the use of a DVS, a CD player can be made to work just like the turntable, and in some cases, even better.

The CDJ-2000 is a vast improvement in the logistical sense; by having the ability to treat the CD player as if it were a computer itself.  You can literally DJ without the use of a laptop – but it doesn’t exclude that possibility if you wish it to be so.  At NAMM 2013 MixVibes stepped it up by showing off how flexible their software is.  It can now be used in conjunction with the CDJ-2000, meaning that you will have full use of its video playback features as well.  It adds versatility to both the DVS as well as Pioneer’s hardware.