January 30, 2013

Robocaster Melds Guitar & Controller

Controllerism and the idea of using buttons and knobs to DJ is a relatively new concept.  When I say relative, I’m comparing to other forms of production and live performance techniques.  MIDI in itself is actually pretty old, even though it is being used for ways that were never intended at its birth.  The Japanese creators of the first MIDI keyboard never would have thought that DJs would be using it for such purposes as live remixing and button mashing, but that’s what is has evolved to today.  One of the core concepts around building a MIDI device is finding a way to make it friendly to humans, as keyboards don’t always provide the most coherent layout when it comes to personal needs.

This is why controllers a being produced with such veracity, and why they keep evolving into something greater.  Moldover is one of the founders of controllerism, and he was hacking up keyboards and other devices before the big names had ever thought of creating a controller.  His latest device combines a guitar with MIDI control, but it has been executed in a way that keeps the actual guitar as part of the instrument, instead of create a fake emulated guitar.