January 30, 2013

Soul Party in a Box P910

Wireless audio is beginning to become an accepted formula for listening to music around your house, or wherever it is you want to go – but the protocol itself still has much development needed to become something that will replaced wired audio.  Whenever a new technology is brought to the public, it always suffers the need to show itself off.  By this, I mean companies who want to take hold of a new technology and push it to the public as fast as they can, before it is fully developed.  Since the technology is new, the public might not see the high initial price as defect, rather, the price to obtain something that nobody else owns.

Wireless audio devices around the house being produced and revamped into more successful models every day, but the price of these objects aren’t cheap.  The “Party in a Box” by Soul will cost you up to a thousand dollars, and it claims to deliver the type of sound you need to throw a concert in your backyard.  Naturally, I’m skeptical that this small device can deliver the same type of output as a powered and wired portable speaker system, which weights more and takes up substantially more space.