January 30, 2013

Drum gadgets and innovations!

It just so happens to be that out of all the members in a typical rock band, the drummer usually has it the worst.  Their gear is massive, and can take up to an hour to haul around to each location and set everything up the way it is needed.  Hardware and components on a drum set are various and costly, not to mention that there are at least four different drum heads that can break at any time.   Compare this to the guitarist who needs nothing more than his guitar, a quick tuning, and an amp or headphones to listen.  The worst of all is that drums are noisy and you cannot always practice when you want to.

Electronic drum sets have one key factor in their favor, they aren’t noisy.  They may not deliver the same acoustic sound that you are used to, but they can be used with a set of headphones and sound modules can be swapped out whenever you get tired of a specific sound.  What’s even better is that they can be made to look pretty.  Reactorz were introduced at NAMM 2013; they are a set of colored drum illuminators that look much like a set Rem-O silencers.  They give the crowd something interesting to look at .