January 30, 2013

QuNeo Rogue Video Talkthrough

Keith McMillen’s QuNeo has not been forgotten about.  His kickstarter campaign to fund the project not only allowed this controller to be created according to the general public’s want, it also showed the gear community that items could be created from the bottom, up – rather than just the top down.  Aside from manufacturing difficulties that come with any sort of production, it proved that public demand could actually create a product, instead of it being forced upon us by well known brand names.  McMillen has many other projects besides MIDI controllers to worry about, but he hasn’t stopped trying to innovate new ways to give controllers a more “human” touch.

His QuNexus was his following project which attempted to push innovation on the technological side, rather than just the design side, but it also gave us a clue into the mind of McMillen and how he tackles the issue of MIDI controllers.  At NAMM 2013 he brought back his old buddy, the QuNeo, but this time he added a new feature that might make potential buyers jump at the offer: wireless connectivity.  Following the trend of many other manufacturers, his QuNeo is now freed from the typical USB cable needed to connect it to the computer.