February 1, 2013

DJ Young 1 Rocks The Stanton Stand

Every parent wants their son or daughter to get ahead at a young age.  There will always be the proverbial “apple not falling far from the tree”, and parents sometimes wish to see their kids succeed where they have failed.  We’ve seen the extreme cases of this where a parents works the kid into hating the hobby the parents so dearly love – but there are always successful cases where the entire family is involved in a sport or hobby, like those families who all play sports.  Music is not an exception to this trend, and given that fact that music isn’t taught as widely as it should be, kids who have parents with musical background can expect to really get ahead.

The first generation of DJs are now growing up to be fathers and mothers, so we will be seeing more and more youth getting into DJing at an early age.  Many of us are still shocked to see an adolescent child display a few techniques behind the turntables, since the general public literally has no knowledge of what a DJ does in the first place.  The problem I think is, “Will this become something of a spectacle rather than a display of talent?