February 1, 2013

New FX Options In Xone:DB2 Firmware Upgrade

Four channel dance mixers don’t represent the bulk of the mixers that are currently selling.  However, when they do sell – they usually sell at a very high price considering the investment it really is.  Many DJs who are using DVS and mixing hip-hop want a mixer that has mixing capabilities such as full EQ’s and external effects, but they also want it to use for scratching – and they need something that will take abuse as well.  A four channel mixer isn’t really designed to be a scratching box – but it can be used in that manner if you wish.  These mixers are mainly for those that want full control over their mix with precise EQ’s and enough onboard effects that they do not need to look elsewhere.

Allen and Heath’s Xone DB mixers rival that of Pioneers four channel DJM series mixers.  Some would even argue that the A&H layout is much more ergonomically designed, with EQ’s that are staggered from each other and other non-linear constructs that just “make sense”.  At NAMM 2013, A&H announced that the FX menu and controls would be getting a firmware update which added new effects as well as the ability to control both the X and Y effects in cohesion.