February 1, 2013

5 Music Ideas for DJs On The Move

Have the ability to mix music on your laptop doesn’t just make it easier to haul your gear to the show – it also gives you the chance to mess around with you music when you’re away from home.  How many times do we find ourselves in some situation where we are basically trapped without anything to do, other than pull out our cell phones and click around?  Most of the games we have on our phones are only for the times when have nothing better to do.  It could be on the airplane, or in the doctors’ office, or waiting for class to begin.  Imagine if we could spend that time doing some of the busy work; prepping for our next DJ set?

This is what we should focus on, the next time we have wasted time to burn.  Let’s not waste that time.  It should be spend on the types of task that are painstakingly long, such as preparing playlists and editing cue points within a song.  This way, when you are actually in front of your gear you can get down to the mixing aspect of things.  If you feel like doing zero work, you can even spend the time browsing new music that you perhaps have never heard of before.