February 1, 2013

Japan to Broadcast in 4K in 2014?

The United States has steadily become a player in the audio gear industry, even though they’ve been far behind Eastern production when it comes to innovation and creation of new technologies.  It’s just a matter of culture, rather than capability.  Citizens in countries like Japan and Korea will embrace a new technology even if it seems eccentric or useless to Americans.  Given time, once a technology sees its usefulness and becomes popularized worldwide, Americans eventually adapt the technology and run with it.  This has been the case for protocols like MIDI and MIDI controllers, which have worked their way into the mainstream repertoire of DJs.

That’s not to say that the United States doesn’t have its own musical endeavors that it succeeds in, such as the creation of amplifiers and guitars, it’s just that there is more demand for certain items which push innovation within that industry.  Japanese television makers, in an attempt to push their new Ultra High Definition picture, have gotten together with the government to help mandate it as their new form of broadcasting.  Handling it in such a manner helps push the technology forward, instead of waiting for the general public to catch on.  If only this would work in the United States…