February 1, 2013

NAMM 2013: Best Of The Rest

The superstars at NAMM know who they are.  Every year they wait and build anticipation for a new product that hasn’t hit shelves yet.  They are even wise enough to leak tid bits of information to the general public, hoping to spark interest in something completely unknown.  These guys have a lot on their shoulders and a hungry audience (there, and at home) to please.  If they do not deliver something spectacular or hopeful, they may see their sales drop significantly as well as the image of being the company that always creates something new.

For the little guys in the game, it’s the opposite.

When an unheard of company introduces a new product for consumers, it isn’t met with as much criticism as it would be for someone like, let’s say, Pioneer.  The little guy doesn’t have a reputation to lose, only a reputation to gain – and this works in their favor.  If they can create something innovative that is a hit, they can very well steal the show, or at least the attention of enough potential customers.  An example would be the guys who created the DJ-Tech DIF scratch mixer; and they did it for fewer than two hundred dollars.  If this takes off to be something we respect, then they have just stolen a portion of the big fish’s market.