February 1, 2013

Mounting your monitor for safety reasons

For a DJ who uses a laptop at a gig, one of the major annoyances they must deal with is a shaky laptop stand.  It’s hard enough to stare at the squiggly lines on a small monitor, while keeping tracking of both decks at the same time.  The last thing they need is a weak stand that might fail or wobble as soon as they move a fader on their mixer.  This concern is magnified when DJing in front of a drunken audience.  It’s very common for someone in the crowd to approach the DJ to ask for something (a song perhaps), but once they start knocking into things, your gear could be the victim of something like a spilled beer.

For producers at home, you have other things to worry about.  You won’t have drunk people bashing their foreheads into your precious LED monitor or anything, but you might have some kids or toddlers around who are getting into things they aren’t supposed to.  That large LED television, which doubles over as a monitor for production, weights upwards of a hundred pounds – and could easily injure or kill a child if knocked over.  Be smart and use a wall mounted solution.