February 1, 2013

Tip of The Day: A TV is Not A Flood Light

If you’re using a computer monitor for any reason that involves DJing or producing, you’re probably already aware of the many differences between them.  Currently, there isn’t any new lighting technology that would be considered “bad”, but the difference between how a monitor works now versus twenty years ago is astounding.  LCD monitors are actually still in use today and they do have some benefits.  The color from these monitors is reported to be more “rich” and warm looking; giving colors a deeper more noticeable feel.  You may ask, “Why this is important for the DJ?”  Well in Serato, and certainly in Ableton, distinctions made between waveforms or samples in your section views are delineated by color.  It helps you categorize ideas – so you want to make sure that yellow is truly yellow.

LED technology is the newest way to light a monitor, and contrasting colors are extremely noticeable.  In fact, it uses light so efficiently that starring at one for too long can give you a headache.  These often come at bright settings that can be blinding if not corrected.  Too much light can be just as bad as not having enough.  When using a laptop like the Macbook Pro, be sure to adjust these settings before use.