February 3, 2013

How Can I Monetise My New Mixtape?

DJs are beginning to realize how hard it is to upload their mixes on to the internet.  There is an essential problem you face when you are creating a mix.  No matter creative your mix might be, there is still the fundamental issue that you must overcome; the fact that you are using other people’s songs.  People who upload videos to YouTube know this all too well.  Even using a snippet of a video or a piece of music that is not your property can cause your video to be taken down at the request of the copyright company.  YouTube would host one less video than to face legal issues with the music in court.

Those who are using Sound Cloud may have noticed this trend recently – if you upload a mix that uses parts of other songs, a robot will automatically send you an email warning you that you have violated the copyright of a song.  It’s sort of an unfortunate issue, but it makes sense since these companies would rather not deal with record labels and lawsuits.  There are still other places to host your mix, like MixCloud – but if you want to make money off of a song, it needs to be your own.