February 3, 2013

Using Liine’s Lemur App For iPad

The iPad is still not without its limitations as a DJ controller, but it’s the app developers who really make the hardware shine.  We tend to forget that the iPad was built as a platform for others to build upon, rather than an all-in one device where everything is already included in the purchase.  When you think back to the first Apple computers that were built, they faced a similar controversy.  Some simply saw them as a supped up typewriter, but once people realized that they could be programmed to perform tasks, it opened the world of computing to a different level.  This is what the iPad is going through right now; the first stages of real development.

Before the iPad was taken seriously as a device for DJs and producers, there was the Lemur.  The Lemur was, what the iPad is today – a touch screen device that could control specific parameters.  The problem with Lemur was its high cost, which was upwards of $2500.  Still, it was a good platform for serious musicians who needed MIDI control on stage.  Now that the Lemur has been ported as an application for the iPad, regular folks can afford to explore its MIDI functionality within their DVS or DAW.