February 3, 2013

Arturia’s SparkLE Drum Machine and MiniLab Keyboard

The line between producers and DJs is almost as distinct as the line between musicians and listeners.  To each, the other’s hobby is somewhat of a mystery – even though the endgame seems to be the same.  They both want to manipulate and create music for the masses, yet the manner in which they do this can be completely different.  Producers are known for spending long hours editing parts of songs that may seem trivial to many.  They seem to have an ear for what sounds right and what sounds wrong – but in the end, these countless hours result in a unique piece of music that might not be more than five minutes long.

The DJ requires less time staring at the screen, and more time actually listening to music.  While the producer and DJ both have to edit music (using different techniques), the DJ is more concerned with getting to the point of a mix, even if that means mistakes are made.  This “live” production aspect of the DJ is what separates him from the producer who many spend many hours creating very little content in return.  What the DJ needs is a piece of hardware that isn’t so daunting that it deters him from learning to work in a production environment.